Project 2015

Software for CRM and
Project Management

Running on Microsoft Office Technologies

BPA CRM and Project 2015: Innovative Software for CRM and Project Management for Microsoft SharePoint

BPA CRM 2015, based on Microsoft SharePoint, delivers real solutions for customer relationship management. What sets BPA CRM 2015 apart and how does it meet your CRM needs?

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Relationship Management. The new Intelligent Relationship Manager tool automatically suggests new contacts to add to the CRM system.
  • Email Marketing Tool. BPA CRM 2015 includes a powerful email marketing module that makes sure your emails reach each recipient’s inbox. Send thousands of formatted mass emails directly from the CRM to your targeted contacts, even share email templates with your teams.
  • Powerful, Easy-to-Use Dashboards. Attractive, understandable dashboards allow easy access to important sales and marketing analytics.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office. BPA CRM 2015 runs on Microsoft Office technologies and the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation version. It can be embedded with Windows Server at no additional cost, or with the SharePoint Server version based on your needs. Look for our upcoming release with SharePoint online and Microsoft Office 365.
  • A Mobile CRM Solution. Now you can access your CRM data remotely and even offline with BPA Mobile Solutions for iPad, iPhone or Android.
  • A Rapid Return on Investment. Investing in a pre-built CRM solution on top of SharePoint, a trusted and widely used application with superior built-in functions, is a sound business strategy with tangible, measurable results. The system integrates perfectly with the tools used by end-users in their daily business, including Microsoft Office, Exchange and SharePoint. This all adds up to an even greater ROI for your CRM investment.

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