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Make Customers Happy!

Take advantage of your strong business and/or technology skills to help your customers implement solutions that deliver rapid business outcomes. The BPA Partner program provides many ways to differentiate your business by proposing the best technologies in the market, by configuring your own white labeled solutions and generating a recurring source of revenues.

Included in the BPA Partner program:

  • Redirecting qualified territory leads to you
  • Providing a tailored training to you
  • Acquiring the first deals with you
  • Driving the first projects with you
  • Giving attractive sales commissions to you
  • Helping you to develop your own solutions

Proposed Partner programs

Technology Partners

Technology partners are organizations (typically SharePoint developer/vertical industry experts /ISVs/OEMs) that are using the BPA Solution platform for creating, developing and distributing their own solutions or integrating their existing solutions or add-ons into the BPA Solution platform.

Consulting Partners

Consulting Partners are business experts that will add content on the top of our technology for their clients. BPA will support Consulting Partners in packaging a tailored solution for the targeted industry sector. The Consulting Partner can white label the service and define its own recurring pricing strategy. BPA is responsible for developing, supporting and hosting the platform.

Channel Partners

Channel Partners are Integrators & Value Added Resellers (VARs). These partners buy products and sell them to their clients, usually adding value in the process. BPA will try to appoint Channel Partners in a way which maximizes BPA’s coverage, but minimizes territory conflict.

Hosting Partners

Partners that provide a subscription hosted access to their clients on a dedicated or multi-tenant hosted platform.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners are agents, advisors or vendors that focus on identifying and generating new leads and business opportunities for BPA. These partners do not wish to resell products to their clients, or they wish to remain product independent but want to recommend a product.

BPA Solutions enabled us to integrate all our processes in our value creation chain – simply by configuring the most powerful xRM approach we know in the market. BPA CRM is the center of all our activities – and we configured the system to our needs including project management, ERP, DMS and Web-Integration – in only some weeks. BPA Solutions did an incredible job.


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