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Audit Software on Microsoft 365 – Live Demo from ASQ Audit Division Conference

As platinum sponsor of the last ASQ Audit Division Conference in Orlando FL, BPA presented innovative software solutions for audit management on Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps and Power BI, leveraging existing technologies used by most organizations. This live presentation was performed by Belinda Schöni, CEO at BPA Solutions USA, and highlights how companies […]

Easy eSignatures for Everyone with SharePoint and Microsoft 365

eSignatures are becoming a standard way to acknowledge contracts and legal documents. The BPA eSignature component provides a simple way for everyone to sign documents or forms based on the robust Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication system, used by most companies with Microsoft 365. In the context of quality and compliance management, eSignatures are used to make […]

Non-Conformance Power Apps and Failure Catalogue

BPA’s Non-conformance Power Apps (or Incident Power Apps) is a generic app for collaborators to simply register incidents or non-conformances with any device, anywhere even while offline, for example when visiting clients or suppliers, during inspection controls, in the field, or on production lines. Combining the front-end Non-conformance Power Apps and backend QMS software, enterprises […]

Exploring Innovative Technologies for Better Quality Management

BPA is constantly exploring innovative technologies in the context of quality management with the objective to simplify processes, engage collaborators and stay compliant. BPAQuality365 technology overview video. Microsoft is inventing the way companies will work in the future and BPA QMS software directly benefits from these modern technologies. Combining 20+ years of Quality Management + […]

Announcing BPA Teams Productivity

Great news for our clients! BPA Teams Productivity is announced to be released soon. Interact with your Quality software (or CRM, Medical) while chatting in Teams, share cards with colleagues and simplify task & meeting management. BPA Teams Productivity brings the business context back to Microsoft Teams and transforms discussions into productive teamwork. The tool […]

Benefits of BPA Software Versus Standard SharePoint Document Management

  SharePoint is not a QMS Software SharePoint doesn’t serve as a QMS software and faces limitations in terms of document management to comply with typical quality and medical compliance regulations (ISO, FDA, MDR, etc.). Several required features are missing to make sure only authorized users can approve documents with eSignatures and automated workflow rules. […]

Bridging the Gap for Microsoft Quality Management Software Offering

Microsoft doesn’t provide any software solutions intended for quality management. With Dynamics 365, Microsoft provides access to tools for sales, finance, HR, and supply chain purposes. However, a quality management solution is clearly missing from the Microsoft software catalogue. Microsoft 365 doesn’t serve as a Quality Management System (QMS) software solution but it brings the […]

Why Microsoft 365 is the Right Technology for Your eQMS

Microsoft 365 doesn’t serve as a Quality Management software solution but it brings the main ingredients needed for an eQMS, like collaboration capabilities with SharePoint, videoconferencing and discussions with Teams, workflow automation, and Power BI. BPA Solutions has developed an end-to-end QMS software on Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint & Power BI, bridging the gap in […]