Introducing Contextual Help & Training Add-in for BPA Software

BPA Solutions entered into a partnership with VisualSP, editor of a walkthrough software for SharePoint and Office 365.

Not only end users will benefit from contextual help to use BPA’s software, they will get online training about quality, risk, GDPR processes and documents to improve quality of the delivered products and services.

Splash screens provide visible instructions to end users, including multimedia content, images or videos. Instructions can point to a specific context or graphics in the user interface, like a navigation link or button. By clicking the help button, users can access contextual help, start a walkthrough tour or view multimedia resources.

In this example, end users who access the compliance document module in BPA Quality can take a walkthrough session by clicking the contextual help button. They will learn about the company document approval process, understand how to search for documents, discover how to accomplish a document training and more.

Example: Contextual help on how to use the compliance document module with BPA Quality.

Once a document is distributed, targeted end users need to get trained about the document content. A different training-oriented walkthrough guides end users to understand the purpose of the document.

Example: Compliance document training walkthrough (HR Procedure).

Once the walkthrough is completed, end users can log training evidence in the BPA Quality software.

These 2 examples demonstrate how the VisualSP add-in brings value to end users, guiding them to use the BPA software and train them about compliance documents and good practices.

The VisualSP add-in is a separate module that can be used jointly with BPA software for quality, risk, GDPR or CRM.

Request for a free trial and discover how BPA Quality and VisualSP work together.

Document Approval Flow

Simplifying Document Approval Flows with eSignature and Office 365

Simplifying compliance document approval with eSignatures and Microsoft Office 365 automation tools.

Managing compliance documents is not an easy process. Typical considerations when managing document include:

  • document creation from templates
  • document approval flow with alerts
  • document signatures and traceability
  • document versioning
  • document distribution and training
  • document revision and archival
  • document access permissions

The above video presents an innovative approach for approving and distributing compliance documents with BPA Quality and Office 365. The illustrated scenario simplifies typical task-driven workflows by using eSignatures, and makes the process compliant with ISO and FDA regulations, like CFR 21, part 11.

Microsoft Flow is used for the automation part. It brings unique capabilities to interact with Office tools or third party systems and add new AI possibilities.

This no-code scenario can easily be configured and implemented for any type of organization with little effort.

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Conversation Flows for Problem Solving – ASQ Conference 2019

Disruptive approach to investigate and solve problems by using conversation flows with BPA Quality and Microsoft Office 365 technologies, presented at ASQ Conference 2019.

The whole demo is a fully configurable no-code scenario and includes the following Office 365 technologies: Power Apps for the mobile app, Teams for the conversation flow, BPA Quality on SharePoint as QMS tool and repository, Power BI as reporting tool and Flow as automation tool.

The video presents the following scenario: a nonconformity or incident is declared using a customized mobile app, including photos and geolocation. The nonconformity details are sent to a conversation flow and team members are instantly alerted. Teams members can simply start discussions and meetings by replying to the nonconformity. The whole investigation process happens in the conversation flow until CAPA actions are assigned.

Together with Office 365 technologies, we bring tools to improve traditional business process workflows.

Benefits are obvious, instant discussions and meetings can help taking faster decisions, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

This scenario was presented live during the ASQ Conference 2019 in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Making Your QMS Understandable to All by Using Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is also true for your Quality Management System.

Traditional software, databases and spreadsheets make your quality system hard to understand for end users. A reason for this, typical tools contain no graphics, process maps or visual flows.

Moving to a visual QMS will drastically help employees to understand how your company works.

We bring the most flexible solutions for quality and data privacy compliance, thanks to our no-code app building platform and Microsoft technologies. Power users can simply add their favorite images, maps, process flows in BPA with no pain.

Here are some examples to make your QMS understandable to all, by using graphics.

Process map and sub processes

A graphical process map is the entry door in your QMS and should contain all important value-added processes from client request to client satisfaction.

By using Microsoft Visio diagrams, you can design interactive maps with hyperlinks and dynamic icons (e.g. process health status). Visio diagrams can be connected to objects and attributes in BPA, like a list of processes, sub processes or assets.

By drilling down the process map, graphical flows make each process understandable with their main activities, input and output. Employees can quickly access process-related documents, SOPs and Work Instructions.

Asset Maps

BPA lets you track digital or physical assets, like data assets (needed for ISO 27001, GDPR, data privacy regulations) or equipment with related maintenance and calibration.

In this example, the graphical asset register displays the implementation stage status for asset platforms with regards to GDPR regulations.

Organization Charts

Organization charts (one or multiple organizational levels) is another way for employees to access processes, sub processes and compliance documents.

Ask us for an online presentation and discover new ways to make your QMS attractive by using graphics.

Microsoft Video

BPA helps customers to achieve more with the power of the Microsoft platform

Video and text have been produced by Microsoft.

A technology leader pioneering integrated user-friendly solutions and platform, BPA Solutions helps businesses to simplify Quality, Risk and GDPR compliance.

Headquartered in Switzerland with an Office in Seattle, the company has put his faith in Microsoft’s roadmap and developed its offering over time building cloud-based solutions on top of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Working alongside Microsoft teams, BPA Solutions has achieved Microsoft Preferred Partner status, providing additional credibility to its customers and improving its network and opportunities through collaboration with Microsoft Sales.

Benefitting from the agility of Microsoft and the power of the Microsoft platform, BPA Solutions helps its customers to achieve more, leveraging modern, evolving tools and exploring new technology areas.

Taking advantage of dedicated packages for partners and ongoing support, BPA is growing its business in partnership with Microsoft.

US-based Consult2.Cloud and BPA Develop Strategic Partnership

Consult2.Cloud is a US based cloud solutions consultancy firm focused on digital workplace solutions. We help our clients put collaboration and productivity at their core by leveraging their public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

For over 15 years, we have been developing robust SharePoint based solutions that deliver substantial value to our customers. Our extensive experience developing and supporting CRM/Project/ERP/QMS and other line of business applications uniquely qualifies us to determine and provide the right solution to fit your enterprise’s needs.

“We are excited to take this partnership to the next level by fully implementing BPA Quality/Risk/CRM/Project solutions throughout the USA”, said Justin Mitchell, CEO at Consult2.Cloud.

“We know Consult2.Cloud can leverage BPA’s apps together with Microsoft technologies to deliver modern workplace solutions and achieve customers’ success”, said Belinda Schöni, CEO at BPA Solutions USA LLC.

About Consult2.Cloud

We are a boutique cloud solutions consultancy firm focused on digital workplace solutions. We help our clients put collaboration and productivity at their core by leveraging their public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Consult2.Cloud exists to help our clients take on-premise, legacy and other disparate data systemsto the next level by building seamless integrated solutions that harness the power of the cloud. BPA is a natural partner for Consult2.Cloud. Our staff has over 10 years experience installing/configuring/customizing BPA alongside every flavor of SharePoint.

About BPA Solutions

BPA Solutions – Regulatory Compliance Simplified. Since 2001, BPA Solutions is a leading global provider of innovative business software solutions based on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint technologies. BPA develops ready-to-use regulatory software solutions – Quality, Risk, GDPR – to improve organizations’ processes, products, services and simplify regulatory compliance. BPA Solution Builder gives developers a wide range of integrated components to accelerate development and maximize user experience with SharePoint. BPA is proud to be part of the Microsoft Business Applications program as Preferred SharePoint applications. Headquartered in Switzerland, with an office in Seattle USA, BPA is ready to support your digital workplace initiatives. http://BPA.Solutions

Join BPA for a Live Demo during ASQ’s Conference

On Tuesday May 21st from 12:30pm to 1:00pm, join a 30-min live demo of BPA Quality on Office 365. Learn how to shift to a unique collaborative experience for quality and risk compliance using Microsoft’s Business Application Platform. Discover a disruptive approach for problem solving, using an end-to-end conversational flow.

Save your seat now. The event is free and places are limited.


About BPA Quality & Risk Management on Microsoft Office 365

Quality and Risk Managers spend time on cumbersome, costly, paper-based systems and often work with siloed departments. The result of using these outdated technologies is an inefficient quality system and poor engagement of collaborators.

BPA Quality & Risk Management built on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint helps you re-imagine your approach to compliance. It’s an integrated QMS software that has everything needed to begin improving quality, reducing risk and saving time the smart way. With unique collaboration, automation and AI capabilities, you can ensure company-wide alignment to continuous improvement and a preventive mindset leading to quality products and services.

Microsoft is investing massively in new technologies for modern workplace. The Office 365 market weights 120+M users with a double-digit annual growth rate. BPA Solutions has been awarded with the Microsoft Preferred Status and we are one of the few Charter Members of the SharePoint Business Applications Partner Program.


BPA is sponsoring ASQ’s Conference – May 20-22 Forth Worth, TX.

The World Conference on Quality and Improvement is ASQ’s flagship conference. With over 2,500 attendees, the WCQI is the ideal forum to meet quality professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

BPA Solutions is sponsoring this event with a presence in the Exhibition Hall – booth #607 – and a 30-min product demonstration on Tuesday May 21st from 12:30pm to 1:00pm.

Save your seat now. The event is free and places are limited.

Measurable Benefits of Using BPA’s Quality Software

Quality is what businesses can ultimately use to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It’s what keep customers loyal and satisfied. A quality management system eliminates defects, ensuring you’re consistently creating quality products and services that meet expectations.

The QMS market is growing promisingly at a double-digit rate. Recent studies demonstrate CEO’s top concerns is regulation and compliance; CEO’s investments in risk and compliance will increase the next 3 years; US companies will invest millions on GDPR readiness (PWC, Accenture, 2018).

BPA’s mission is to develop regulatory platform & software solutions – Quality, Risk, GDPR – with maximal user experience, to improve organizations’ processes, products, services and simplify regulatory compliance.

BPA’s software is unique because it’s powered by the leading collaborative Microsoft Office 365/SharePoint technologies and fueled by the most flexible no-code app building platform. What makes our software unique also brings unique measurable benefits to our clients:

TopicPainsGains with BPA
Customer satisfaction
  • Number of complaints
  • Time to treat complaints
  • Recurring complaints
  • Reduce number of complaints by detecting issues earlier
  • Reduce time to treat customer requests and integrate customers in automated flows
  • Increase customer satisfaction, win loyal customers (meet client expectations, eliminate defects early, etc.)
Cost of non-quality
  • Cost of not managing risks
  • Cost of non-conformances
  • Supplier non-quality
  • Cost of losing customers
  • Cost of downtime in production
  • Poor image, reputation
  • Cost of waste…
  • Higher fines (GDPR, environment, health, quality, security…)
  • Save cost by reducing number of errors and manage risks effectively, avoid problems occur again
  • Integrate clients/suppliers in the system and improve the end-to-end supply chain
  • Detect problems earlier (audits, risks, indicators, etc.)
  • Engage collaborators in the QMS, develop a proactive attitude
  • Increase revenues through better products, services loved by customers
  • Get a unique solution for global-compliance (GDPR-Quality-Risk)
Continuous improvement
  • Employees responsibility no clearly established
  • Insufficient employee skills and training
  • Poor collaborator engagement, low motivation
  • Disconnected processes with poor interactions
  • Centralized QMS with poor employee engagement
  • No competition differentiation
  • Rigid, non-flexible QMS software
  • Establish clear employee responsibilities, train collaborators, decentralize QMS, reduce operator errors
  • Link all improvement processes together and engage process owners
  • Differentiate through quality of your products, services
  • Get full control on your QMS template using no-code “Lego” bricks and let the software adapt to your processes on the long-term.
Process efficiency
  • Heavy cumbersome paper systems, form/paper processing
  • Rekeying data in many files
  • No real-time reporting
  • Automate, optimize and standardize processes (e.g. reducing time to handle incidents by 50% and more)
  • Reduce number of paper documents
  • Reduce time to process forms/documents
  • Reducing time to search for information
  • Faster decision making
  • Powerful BI reports

>> Calculate savings with our cost saving calculator

  • ISO 9001, 14001, 13485, 16949, 27001, etc.
  • FDA, EU regulations
  • GDPR, data privacy regulations
  • Internal Control Systems (COSO)
Simplify regulatory compliance and meet regulations with one solution for global compliance
  • Siloed departments with lack of communication
  • Cumbersome paper systems, lots of Excel files, etc.
  • Poor access to QMS
  • Share and work together, seamless collaboration, instant discussions
  • Better connect with external customers and suppliers
  • Automate processes, get automated alerts and reminders
  • Connect with other tools, web services
  • Works on any device, anywhere
  • Improve compliance & security

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BPA Selected by Microsoft in the SharePoint Business Apps Partner Program

We have exciting news to share: BPA Solutions has been selected in the Microsoft SharePoint Business Applications Partner program.

On January 24, Microsoft announced the latest additions to their Business Apps Partner Program and BPA Solutions was accepted as new Charter Member.

Selected companies have been recognized for proven customer success as Microsoft Preferred.

Our success story with Saving Sight – a nonprofit organization that changes lives through the gift of sight – was listed on Microsoft Tech Community. (read it here).

We are very thrilled to have been selected by Microsoft in this program. Microsoft has recognized BPA’s involvement in helping our clients to implement applications – Quality, Risk, GDPR – to simplify regulatory compliance and give a maximal user experience through Office 365 technologies.

Microsoft recognized BPA for our success in creating and supporting business apps in Microsoft 365 using SharePoint, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Forms, Power BI and more.

Among benefits of this program, BPA will access Microsoft product roadmap details, crafting ever-better solutions for our customers.

Access the Microsoft SharePoint Business Apps Partner Page

BPA Announces Partnership with Dubai-based Inforbit

Seasoned industry veteran Nilesh Jain announced today that he has partnered his Inforbit Solutions, an IT company based in Dubai, with BPA Solutions Switzerland to offer its unique solutions on top of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint.

Through this strategic partnership, Inforbit will help clients in the Middle East region to have easy & fast to build / deploy solutions with no code on top of Microsoft SharePoint. Clients will benefit using BPA Solutions software and Inforbit experience of the industry and IT knowledge to further reduce the cost of ownership.  Clients across Middle East using Microsoft SharePoint can now take advantage of the ease and simplicity of the software with the most powerful and elegant tools including mobile applications.

“I am excited to partner with BPA Solutions for the Middle East market,” said Nilesh Jain, CEO of Inforbit Solutions. “It’s clear that businesses are now moving towards cloud adoption and BPA Solutions unique offering along-with Microsoft best in class Office 365 solutions provide new affordable alternative so that companies can focus on their core competences rather than complex IT solutions. With BPA Solutions softwares, we’re putting the power in the hands of users Inforbit has proven best expertise in local market needs and can provide first-class, technical support and customer success service”.

“I believe that through our partnership with Inforbit Solutions we will help Middle-East-based businesses getting the benefit out of their investment in Microsoft solutions” said Boris Lutz, co-founder and CEO of BPA Solutions. BPA Solutions best in industry application builder for SharePoint and Inforbit’s marketing and customer support expertise make our partnership a clear win-win,” said Boris.

About Inforbit Solutions

Inforbit Solutions is a new entrant in the market but being guided by the industry & market veteran who has helped many companies in the region with their ERP, CRM, HRM, Document Management, Workflow Management, Business Process Management etc. Inforbit provides in-depth consultancy around Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint solutions. We follow a tailored approach to help you plan, design, deploy, customize and operate your enterprise’ investment proficiently. Founder has delivered multiple large & small projects successfully and helping businesses achieve integrated capabilities, increasing IT productivity and lowering cost.

To learn more about Inforbit Solutions, please visit:

About BPA Solutions

BPA Solutions – Regulatory Compliance Simplified. Since 2001, BPA Solutions is a leading global provider of innovative business software solutions based on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint technologies. BPA develops ready-to-use regulatory software solutions – Quality, Risk, GDPR – to improve organizations’ processes, products, services and simplify regulatory compliance. BPA Solution Builder gives developers a wide range of integrated components to accelerate development and maximize user experience with SharePoint. Headquartered in Switzerland, with an office in Seattle USA, BPA is ready to support your digital workplace initiatives.

To learn more about BPA Solutions, visit