BPA Solutions get Investment Funds from Debiopharm Investment

Debiopharm InvestmentYverdon, Switzerland, December 1, 2013 – BPA Solutions SA (BPA), headquartered at Swiss Technopole Yverdon, Switzerland, today announced it has raised development funds from Debiopharm Investment.

BPA is a global leading provider of innovative business software solutions based on Microsoft (MS) SharePoint technologies with 800+ customers and 50+ partners worldwide. Profitable since inception, BPA delivers business solutions, mobile solutions and cloud services that empower organizations to get closer relationships with their stakeholders, either internal or external. BPA’s out-of-the-box solutions, including BPA CRM, Quality, Risk, Recruiting and Self-Service are the next generation business solutions. All solutions are designed & directed to end users and work the way they work and not the other way around. Organizations get full control on their solutions and can deploy them as they want; on premise, in private or Microsoft clouds or in a hybrid environment.

“We are honored to welcome Debiopharm Investment to our team. Their long-term vision and human-centric approach fit perfectly to our vision & philosophy” said Dr. Boris Lutz, founder and CEO of BPA.  Ms. Valérie Calvayrac, CEO of Debiopharm Investment, thinks that “BPA Solution has found its market in Switzerland and we are happy to support the Company in its new challenges and international development”.

“Our software products are now robust and mature. We have a unique selling proposal. It’s time for BPA to move from a R&D oriented company to a global marketing & sales oriented company. The new funding will enable BPA to accelerate its rapid growth, further expand internationally with a strong partner eco-system and keep developing innovative software solutions” said Mr. Lutz. Ms. Calvayrac adds “This spirit of continuous innovation is one of the main aspect that pleased us most, because it is completely in line with our own business philosophy”.

During the last three years BPA has been selected, as the unique non-North-American company, by Microsoft Corp in Redmond, US to participate in different exclusive programs such as the SharePoint Partner Advisory Board and the Technology Adoption Program for the new MS Office 365 version. The BPA development team had the chance to work hand in hand with Microsoft’s experts to develop an office 365 version of BPA CRM, as the first business application available for office 365. Additional solutions will be added in 2014.

“We have selected Microsoft SharePoint seven years ago as the technology platform for our solutions. That was the right choice. Microsoft SharePoint has become Microsoft’s most successful server product ever with hundreds of millions of users worldwide and it will keep growing with Office 365. says Boris Lutz. BPA is already in line with Microsoft’s recent reorientation towards devices and services, specifically for cloud services (Windows Azure and Office 365) and mobility (Tablets and phones). Microsoft’s decision to offer MS Office, its crown jewel, to iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry users via its Office 365 Web Services is encouraging. Mobility is strategic to BPA’s growth such as cloud services and social media connectivity. A standalone BPA mobile solution for iPhone has just been released. iPad, Android and Windows mobile solutions will follow soon. Social media connectors such as LinkedIn and Xing are about to be released. BPA is devoted to improving the user experience and ease business relationships with its solutions.

In the coming months, BPA will consolidate its presence in North-America, Europe and Asia. BPA will invest in recruiting the best channel, hosting & technology partners. “There are plenty of exiting opportunities for partners today and for the next coming years” says Mr. Lutz. Ms. Calvayrac said: “As usual, we want to be a partner and an active member of the board, to help them accomplish this challenge successfully.” On this point, Boris Lutz concludes with humor “Valérie Calvayrac’s conclusion matches our BPA’s motto – better business through closer relationship – and we will prove it with Debiopharm”.

About BPA Solutions

BPA is a global leading provider of innovative business software solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies with 800+ customers and 50+ partners worldwide. Profitable since inception, BPA delivers business solutions, mobile solutions and cloud services that empower organizations to get closer relationships with their stakeholders, either internal or external. Headquartered in Yverdon, Switzerland, BPA has offices in Leesburg, US and Kerala, IN. Please visit www.bpa-solutions.net for more information

About Debiopharm Investment

The mission of Debiopharm Investment is to diversify investments made by Debiopharm Group, a Swiss-based global biopharmaceutical group of companies with a focus on the development of prescription drugs that target unmet medical needs. This diversification occurs particularly with the Private Equity branch taking minority stakes in innovative IT, Cleantech and ‘Services for Individuals’ startups.

Debiopharm Investment SA Contact
Alexandra Le Coz Sanchez
Associate Director, Private Equity Manager
Tél.: +41 (0)21 321 01 11

BPA Solutions SA Contact
Dr Boris Lutz
Founder & CEO
Tél.: +41 (0)32 710 17 07

Turn Office Wars Into Positive Relationships

The stress and conflict of office communications is so ingrained in our culture, it’s a staple of comedians the world over.  From Dilbert to Office Space, it’s always laughable how hard it is to get along in the workplace.

So in this new video clip from BPA Solutions, we fully expect the soldiers to leap gleefully into the fray, backstabbing and engaging in hand-to-hand combat to win the day.  But, with a CRM for SharePoint, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Just like the soldiers in this video, you can get your various departments working together to achieve the same goals by developing closer relationships with a top-notch CRM platform.

A good CRM for SharePoint 2013 allows you to manage your accounts, your contacts, your calendar, your to-do list, your documents, and more, from one easy and intuitive user interface. And, when it’s mobile, it goes everywhere your staff goes.  Track all your business critical processes with one solution. From sharing documents to scheduling meetings to managing project deadlines, everything is easier when you have the right tool.

BPA Solutions offers a CRM solution directed at the frontline workforce, configured the way you do business, and gives you ultimate control. Our mobile, scalable, configuarable, affordable solution will put your entire team on the same page, and allow them to streamline communication and develop closer working relationships.

If you want to see how BPA CRM Solutions can revolutionize the way you do business, start a free trial today.

Three Reasons Your CRM Software Must Be Mobile

sharepoint for iphone
Mobile capability for CRM software has rapidly evolved from a nice-to-have feature to a critical component of CRM software. Research firm Gartner reports that the CRM software market grew 12.5% in 2012, but they also predict that the market for mobile CRM will grow an astounding 500% by 2014. Here are three reasons why your CRM must be mobile-ready.

Your Employees Will Want It

A recent survey of executives by market research firm IDC, 31% of executives identified CRM as their “most-wanted” mobile app. The reasons are obvious. There is no shortage of studies to demonstrate that mobile capability of CRM programs boosts productivity. A recent Nucleus Research study reported a 14.6% productivity boost from mobile CRM. We expect our employees to do more, faster, every day. Giving them a platform to access their critical business tools anytime, anywhere, is the fastest path to that goal.

Your Customers Will Expect It

Mobile CRM brings you closer to your customers. According to a recent survey commissioned by marketing firm YP, nine of ten people report that they “almost always” have their mobile device with them. This year, mobile devices have become the top choice for accessing the Internet, surpassing PCs. No customer wants to hear that they can receive an answer to their question when you get back to the office. Customers and employees are increasingly living their lives on the go. There is an expectation that a vendor or service representative can access their data anytime, anywhere.

The Market Will Demand It

Instant access to accurate information is required to create and maintain a competitive advantage. Mobile CRM provides the ability to enter transactions and access data on the go, critical for building and maintaining accurate, up-to-date enterprise information and informing rapid decision-making. It is no longer adequate to wait hours or days for inventory to be updated, transactions to be recorded, and orders to be applied. In order to stay competitive in the current marketplace, business tools need to be at your fingertips, not on your desk.

BPA’s new mobile CRM Solution for SharePoint 2013 represents the latest in mobile CRM. For a free trial, visit BPA Solutions today.

Experience the Next Generation CRM Solution for SharePoint 2013

This recorded webinar session presents BPA’s new release of its award winning CRM solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Leverage your existing infrastructure and deploy an enterprise-class CRM running on the most powerful collaboration platform ever.

Amazing new features and a new user experience will enable your organization to more efficient and productive.

BPA CRM is the most integrated CRM Solution

Welcome to the new CRM generation !

Our SharePoint CRM solution is the most technologically advanced CRM solution for SharePoint with over 30 configurable commercial grade web parts – not just a simple site template.

We deliver a CRM solution directed at the frontline workforce, configured the way you do business and where you get ultimate control.

BPA CRM is built to run on both Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and Server.  Native integration with Microsoft Office ensures the highest productivity.

mass document import with drag and drop
Read more

Easy migration from Salesforce.com to BPA CRM


BPA Solutions, the developer of BPA CRM, served as a partner of Salesforce.com

and a user, prior to the development of their trademark solution, BPA CRM. BPA Solutions was one of the first Salesforce.com partners in Switzerland in 2004, and implemented the system in many large Swiss organizations, over a span of many years.

Salesforce.com is a good system for a very specific type of user in large organizations looking for an outsourced CRM system. However, Salesforce.com is not adapted for many organizations looking for a cost-effective and integrated CRM system. Read more

Learn why we make SharePoint the best CRM

bird-tweetsSharePoint is everywhere

Microsoft says that SharePoint is their most successful server product ever with 36.5 million in user license sales reported, between the years 2006-2011; and an estimated 2 billion in total sales reported as of 2013.

60% of U.S. companies have a SharePoint environment deployed somewhere within their organization, and 78%+ of all Fortune 500 companies have purchased it according to Gartner. Gartner tells us that SharePoint is going to be a consumer product like the iPhone. Read more

Government Agency FERA implements CRM

The Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera) is

Food and Environment Research Agency

an Executive Agency of the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, with an income of around £68m of which 20% is from commercial companies.

Located in York in the UK, it works with a broad range of public and private sector customers including Government departments and agencies, European Commission, overseas governments, research councils, industry levy boards, and commercial organisations. Totalling over 7,000, this customer base also means Fera works in a wide variety of market sectors including agriculture and horticulture, agrochemicals, human and veterinary pharmaceuticals, food and drink, retail, aviation, and renewable energy. Read more

BPA CRM wins SharePoint Award 2013

BPA CRM 2013 was selected Best SharePoint 2013 App Finalist at the European SharePoint Community Awards 2013.

One year ago, BPA was selected as the sole non-American player in the Office-SharePoint 15 Technology Adoption Program (TAP) by Microsoft. Our project was very challenging for both BPA and Microsoft. The idea was to develop a CRM App based on SharePoint online and Azure and available with Office 365. Even more challenging, we wanted to have as far as possible the same code for the App to be deployed either on the Microsoft cloud or on-premise and keep performance high. Read more

BPA Solutions – Record Growth in 2012

BPA Solutions reports record expansion of its worldwide customer base for its main SharePoint solutions for CRM, Quality and Risk

management with major growth in North America.

With CRM soon to be available on Office365, we are excited about the opportunities for growth in 2013. Read more