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Construction & Engineering

Professional construction & engineering organizations require flexible project management solutions, to track construction projects with the related contacts, organizations, activities and documents.

Discover BPA’s solutions key capabilities through the typical use case scenarios below:

The construction industry manages multiple contacts, roles and organizations. For each project, various tenders and contracts are signed with many different organizations. Therefore, a powerful contact and activity management system is a central piece. View more information about our CRM solutions.

A powerful document management system is essential to track project-related documents. Approval workflows are necessary to manage invoices and control costs. In addition, compliance and risk management processes are requisite to the solution. View more information about our risk and compliance solutions.

Having a flexible asset management system is an essential requirement. Construction organizations manage machinery and equipment reservations for various projects.

Mobility is a must. The system must be accessed anytime and anywhere, even offline.

BPA provides an integrated solution for the construction industry built on the powerful SharePoint platform (free edition). With BPA, you have a 360 degree view of all construction projects. The solution is 100% flexible to be adapted to your needs by super users. Because the solution integrates all Microsoft technologies, you can maximize productivity and the user experience. With BPA you have less amortization time and greatest return on investment.