Integrated Construction Management Software

BPA offers an integrated construction management software for professional construction organizations. Our solution covers topics such as project, contact and activity management, document, invoice, tender and contract management, machinery, reservations and more. The tool is fully configurable and can be adapted within days. Access data anytime and anywhere with our mobile solutions. Our platform integrates all Microsoft technologies and delivers the best user experience and productivity.


The navigation bar is fully configurable for each end-user. Navigation topics are grouped by collapsible sections. And, super users can add new navigation links easily.

navigation bar

In this example, the project portfolio page gives a snapshot view of pending projects, grouped by municipality. Key metrics including budgeted cost totals, hour and cost status offers instant information about a projects status.

Open Projects

In one click, end users can add a follow-up task with a project. The task will be placed in the user’s home page.


The Gantt chart view makes it easy to track projects with a timeline.

The Gantt chart

The project detail page gives a 360 degree view about the project. End users can mass select organizations and contacts related to a project.

project detail

Project hours, delays, machinery in use, machinery reservations and tenders are displayed within the project page. Project activities, including tasks, meetings, emails and calls are visible from the same page.
In this example project hours are totaled by work activities.

project hours

Supplier invoices will be scanned and entered in the system. An invoice approval workflow will start automatically.


Invoices are summed by work completed. The system tracks any cost related with invoices, including budgeted, invoiced and effective amounts, including possible discounts.


The software further manages machinery in use and machinery reservations related to the construction project.

type of machinery

Emails related to a project can be automatically added from Microsoft Office. Project tasks and meetings can be synced with Microsoft Office and calendar.

The software contains a flexible embedded emailing solution. In one click send an email to all project related participants. Select email recipients from any page or any list. Share email templates within teams.

e-mail recipients

The system is an extended relationship management software where users have a 360 degree view of organizations, contacts and their related projects, documents and activities.


From tenders related to a project, linked documents including offers, orders, contracts and invoices can be mass imported into the software.


BPA provides a complete machinery management system.

complete machinery management

The machinery plan gives an overview of machinery currently in use and a machinery reservation plan. The calendar view groups machinery reservations by month, week or day. Different colors can be applied by machinery type.

Machinery Plan

End users can book their project hours with ease. The system provides an overview of all project hours, project hours by construction site and identify my project hours as a connected user.

project hours

BPA is built on SharePoint (free version) and provides the best document management system which is natively integrated with Microsoft Office. The software allows mass importing documents by drag and drop, scanning documents, viewing document properties directly from Microsoft Office, generating approval workflows on the fly and many more options.

The tool allows publishing excel reports on the fly. In this example, the cost control report groups invoicing data by municipality and work completed.

excel reports

The tool provides Excel export features to build powerful pivot charts in seconds.

to build powerful pivot charts

The BPA report builder allows authorized users to access and refresh multi-list reports. Super users can extract any data from the system easily using our query wizard.

query wizard

15+ types of charts are available to measure projects efficiency.

15+ types of charts

BPA’s native solutions for iOS and Android allow users access or edit capability anytime and anywhere, even offline. In this example, machinery, reservations and documents are grouped by a specific project.

BPA for iOS and Android


  • One single solution platform for integrated construction management + extended relationship management
  • Easy to use, fully based on Microsoft technologies to deliver the best user experience and productivity
  • Reduce costs ,decrease amortization time and increase return on investment
  • Fully configurable within days by super users

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