Consultants, Business, Quality & Regulatory Consulting Offices

Consultants and consulting offices need to advise their customers on the most adapted software solutions to support the delivered added-value services.

BPA provides a new generation of cloud services dedicated to consulting offices. We designed BPA’s software solutions to be the easiest to use and the most flexible solutions, where customers get full control at the lowest cost of ownership.

In this use case scenario, a consulting office shares requirements, risks and regulatory content with its clients. Each client has a dedicated and secure BPA software instance to track controls, actions and KPIs. Consolidated client metrics are automatically replicated in a central dashboard.

Benefits for consulting offices are numerous, like differentiation of the offered services, recurring source of revenues, possibility to offer new associated services with the platform (e.g. compliance audits which will be much easier with the tool), trendy technology, modern image, etc.

Benefits for clients: each client has a dedicated secured hosted environment, regulatory content is managed by professionals, attractive pricing, simplified audit process and improved compliance.

The consulting office can white label the service and define its own pricing strategy. BPA is responsible for developing, supporting and hosting the platform.

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