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BPA CRM Software for Microsoft Office 365

One of the most common business challenges is gaining meaningful insight into what motivates your customers. BPA CRM & Project Management solves this problem with a centralized, easy-to-use, data entry-ready CRM and xRM platform that helps you promote company-wide alignment and gain a better understanding of customer needs. CRM & Project Management also:

  • Enables better understanding of customer needs
  • Promotes organization-wide alignment and access to mission-critical customer data
  • Simplifies data relation management with an intuitive GUI and easy-to-use controls
  • Reduces the need for a dedicated CRM resource
  • Comes preconfigured for instant insight, while remaining highly customizable and agile

BPA CRM & Project Management is the most flexible CRM dedicated to small and medium businesses. The software is entirely built on the top of Microsoft Office 365 and interfaces with the most advanced technologies, like instant discussions, team collaboration, workflow automation, mobile solutions, powerful reporting and more.

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