Internal Control System (ICS)

The COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework defines internal control as having five components:

  1. Control Environment
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Information and Communication
  4. Control Activities
  5. Monitoring-processes

This is an example of a professional ICS solution built in a few days, using BPA Solution Builder.

After having discussed the relational data model with the customer, the following main lists were created: production units, processes and risks with their related controls, controls with their related control executions and test executions, test executions with their related findings and measures.

Each branch manager – like head of logistic – has a dedicated home page with important ICS metrics.

The homepage for executive board displays graphical charts about control executions. You can drill down charts to view related data.

Production units are displayed with the number of passed and failed control executions and overdue control status. By clicking a production unit, all related controls and contacts are showed.

Considered risks are periodically assessed based on impact and probability. The risk severity is automatically calculated with the related color and trend.

Each control due date is automatically calculated based on the control frequency. The inline calendar visually displays the next control date. Color schemes let you know about the control status (completed or overdue).

By clicking a control, the control detail page displays the testing methods and documents. All related controls executions and test executions are visible in the same page.

The audit detail page displays related findings, measures, activities and documents.

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