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Life Sciences / Healthcare

The life science and healthcare sector includes industries like biotech, pharma, medical devices, labs and hospitals. Main topics for this sector are quality, risk, document, project, product, contact and activity management.

Discover BPA’s solutions key capabilities through the typical use case scenarios below:

Obviously, quality and risk management is a central preoccupation for this highly regulated industry sector. BPA offers an integrated Quality + Risk management solution adapted for supporting good practices (GxP) in this industry sector. Read more about BPA Quality.

Document and electronic signatures, record management are crucial topics (CFR 21 part 11). BPA’s solutions are built on SharePoint. SharePoint is adapted for supporting GxP context for regulated content, like documents or records (metadata, electronic forms). Features like electronic or digital signatures can be applied. Interactive workflows can be implemented in line with SOPs to better manage processes. Audit trails are natively managed by SharePoint.

Life science companies need to manage long projects with their related activities, costs and risks. A flexible project management is required to track all needed documents throughout the different steps. BPA offers a simple and collaborative project management solution.

Medical device companies need processes in place to manage products and change requests. BPA offers the features needed to rapidly configure a tailored process in line with SOPs.

In addition, life science and healthcare organizations have to manage relations with partners, customers, stakeholders, suppliers, etc. and track daily activities with them. BPA has developed an extended relationship management platform to track contacts and activities. Read more about BPA CRM.