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Manufacturing & Subcontracting

Main topics for the manufacturing and subcontracting industries are project management, CRM and compliance. BPA provides an integrated solution for CRM, project and compliance management for manufacturing and subcontracting industries, like automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, aerospace, engineering, chemicals, watchmaking, etc.

Discover BPA’s solutions key capabilities through the typical use case scenarios below:

Manufacturing industries have to manage relations with customers, suppliers, subcontractors, partners, etc. An extended relationship management system (xRM) is a very important piece of the system. View more information about our CRM solutions.
For this industry sector, quality and compliance is key. Customer is the center of the solution, like in any quality system. Not only the product, but processes and organizations mandate compliance.

Having a risk management system is becoming more and more important. Quality standards are requesting this, but also having an ERM system in place brings competitive advantages for the organization. View more information about our risk and compliance solutions.

Assets, like machines and metrology equipment need to be identified and constantly verified.

Project management is essential, especially when the company develops products (R&D).

BPA provides an integrated solution for the manufacturing industry sector for contact, activity, project, asset and compliance management. The solution is built on SharePoint (free version) and is 100% flexible to be adapted to your needs by super users. Because the solution integrates all Microsoft technologies, you can be sure to maximize productivity and user experience. With BPA you have the least amortization time and the greatest return on investment.