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Nonprofits & Associations

Nonprofits and associations are becoming more and more member centric. Tracking interactions with donors, stakeholders, members, partners and persons are crucial.

Discover BPA’s solutions key capabilities through the typical use case scenarios below:

Like public services, nonprofits and associations are often structured in commissions. Persons can have different roles within various commissions. Therefore, a flexible contact management system is needed to track these complex relations. View more information about our CRM solutions.

Managing meetings or events is essential for nonprofits. The needed solution need to help preparing meetings, inviting individuals and tracking meeting decisions.
A powerful document management system with document approval processes and document sharing is necessary.

Commissions need their ongoing projects to be tracked in the solution.

A self-service portal helps members access various information, keeping contact details up-to-date, submitting requests and registering for events or meetings.

BPA provides an integrated solution for nonprofits and associations to track persons, projects, meetings, activities and documents. The solution is built on SharePoint (free version) and is 100% flexible to be adapted to your needs by super users. Because the solution integrates all Microsoft technologies, you can be sure to maximize productivity and user experience. With BPA you have the least amortization time and highest return on investment.