Consumer Cloud Technology Services

Consumer Cloud Technology Solutions Private Limited (CCTS) – is a niche marketing division which focus on new generation-socio-mobile outbound, in-bound and aligning with the traditional marketing activities to establish a highly rewarding connected architecture. CCTS will guide our customers to social success. The CCTS LEARN (™) framework is a simplified way of building marketing avatar for better customer service, brand positioning and sales. Our five dimensional approaches will help customers to be proactive rather than reactive. At CCTS, we have simplified the complex social media space into things normal people talk and understand. CCTS will ensure better social visibility for BPA in Asian markets, will help BPA in developing business and implementing BPA’s SharePoint solutions in Asia.


SUN Laboratory Co., Ltd.  provide consultant and testing that enable companies to deliver regulated products to market sooner. SUNLAB provides services to over hundreds companies in two major sectors, System and Product Certification. SUNLAB’s technical expertise is multidisciplinary, covering Safety/EMC/Software testing of consumer products, medical and health products, information technology products, usability, human factor engineering, packaging, transport, and environment. The laboratory’s technical conformity services range from testing to technical assistance and training. SUNLAB is also assisting companies to obtain international approval such as CE marking and FDA to markets their product worldwide.

INNMA is specializing in business consultancy, helping customers build, improve and innovate their management systems. Effectively and efficiently applying risk management frameworks into management systems is our top commitment our customers. Offering advanced tools to customers in order to help them maintain management systems even better is another way to make INNMA’s services different.