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Government & Public Administrations

Like private organizations, public administrations & governments are becoming more and more stakeholder centric. Tracking interactions with internal services, external organizations, citizen and persons are essential, for both front-office and back-office processes.

Discover BPA’s solutions key capabilities through the typical use case scenarios below:

Public services or governmental agencies are often structured in commissions or secretariats. Persons can have different roles within various commissions. Therefore, a flexible contact management system is required to track these complex relationhips. View more information about our CRM solutions.

Meeting management is a central piece for any public administration and a necessary solution is mandate to prepare for meetings and invite individuals. Meeting decisions are easily tracked.
Public services manage multitudes of documents. A powerful document sharing platform including approval workflows is an essential.

Project management also fundamental and citizen records are often treated like projects.

On the front-office side, an e-Government portal allows citizens to access information and submit requests through a secured platform.

BPA provides an integrated solution for public administrations & government to track front office and back office processes. The solution is built on SharePoint (free version) and is 100% flexible to be adapted to your needs by super users. Because the solution integrates all Microsoft technologies, you can be confident in maximizing productivity and user experience. With BPA you have the least amortization time and highest return on investment.