Activity Management Solution

Activity management is a central piece of any business solution. Because end-users usually work with Microsoft Outlook, a native connection with Microsoft Office is required. Who better than SharePoint can group end-user activities in a collaborative platform while keeping the highest user acceptance and productivity?

In this example, tasks related to any item (e.g. contact, project, opportunity, incident, etc.) are aggregated in the item detail page. Tasks including to dos, calls and notes are grouped by status. The search capability allows quickly retrieving tasks between 2 dates, by responsible person, etc.


By clicking a button, end-users can simply add a new task, call or note. The advanced form opens with prefilled data. The end-user simply adds a description and saves the file. The call is logged in the system and automatically linked with the associated organization, contact, project, etc.

add a new task

When assigning a task, the responsible person will get an automatic email alert. User-related tasks are grouped within each user’s home page.
Tasks can be automatically synchronized with Microsoft Outlook. Updated tasks in Outlook will be automatically synced back in BPA and reverse.

synchronized with Microsoft Outlook

In one click, users can create a follow-up task for any item in any given list. Follow-up tasks are grouped per due date and displayed on the user’s home page.

task for any item

For any process, super users can define workflow rules or reminders. A typical workflow will assign automatic tasks to each contributing person throughout the entire process.

process - define workflow

Using BPA Office connector, end-users can quickly add an important Outlook meeting into BPA, link it with the right contact and organization which updates meeting details directly from the Outlook interface.

BPA Office connector

Events, meetings, etc. will be tracked in a shared calendar with different colors.

calendar - events, meetings

Calendar events can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook and updated in both systems.
Using BPA Office connector, end-users can select important Outlook emails to be added in BPA. From the Outlook interface, end-users can optionally select email attachments to be copied. The email content will be copied in BPA, thus centrally available for easy searching.

Calendar events  synchronized with Microsoft Outlook

Using BPA Exchange connector, any incoming or outgoing email related with an existing contact in BPA will automatically be copied, regardless of the device used.
From the BPA interface, end-users can send preformatted emails to the selected recipients with huge flexibility.

BPA Exchange connector

Emails will be sent and archived in the system. Many options are available, including tracking the email open rate.

 email - sent and archived

Setting any item as a favorite allows each end-user to place the selected item on the home page for easy follow-up.

favorite contacts

By pressing a button, end-users can create an alert for any topic.

create an alert

Using BPA mobile solutions, end-users have access to any task, email, meeting in context, even while offline.

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BPA mobile solutions - tasks

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Have a shared and across-device activity management system, track important activities with accounts and contacts, better understand contacts and better serve them, reduce any process lifecycle through automatic tasks and alerts, maximize productivity and user adoption through native connection with Microsoft technologies.