Contact Management Solution

At BPA, relationship management is our motto. BPA provides a central location to manage relations with internal collaborators and services, external contacts, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and organizations.

Mass import your existing contacts easily with our importing tool. Contacts with the linked organizations can be imported simultaneously.

import contacts

Contacts have now been added in BPA. Our powerful components allows displaying contact views in different tabs. Searching contacts is easy using free-text filters on the top of each column.

Configurable buttons allow mass editing of contacts, sending a mass email to contacts, preparing a mass mail merge or any other proposed action. Users can simply select one or many contacts to prepare formatted letters and send a personalized email to them.


A contact will be automatically added to BPA after a visitor submits a web contact form. Generate formatted web forms and attractive landing pages using our form generator. Read more about building landing pages and getting leads from your web site.

BPA will suggest contacts to be added, based on your Exchange emails. Read more about contact suggestion and social connector.
Contacts can be manually added, using our intelligent forms. Various forms can be used to create leads or contacts, based on business units or your own rules.

contacts new item

A contact is usually linked with an organization. In several cases (nonprofits, public administrations), a contact can be linked to different commissions or associations with different roles. BPA support both scenarios.
In this example, the organization detail page shows all contacts with this company. Further track any relation within the same page (e.g. opportunities, projects or any other list).

account details

Clicking the contact name, the contact detail page opens displaying a 360 degree view about the specific contact.

contact details

From this page, end users can track daily interactions associated with each contact, including emails, calls, notes, tasks, projects or any other topic. Read more about activity management.

Access your contact database anytime and anywhere using a mobile device, even offline. Our native apps for iOS and Android let users navigate in the database, search for organizations and contacts and add any interaction with them.

apps for iOS and Android


Have a central contact database for your organization, accessible anytime and anywhere, get contacts automatically added from your web site, track any interaction with contacts and organizations, to better understand contacts and to better serve them.

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