Project Management Solution

This is an example of a collaborative project management solution built using our components with no development needed.

The solutions is completely configurable to be adapted to any project management methodology, like PMI, Agile, Hermes, etc. or your own methodology.

The project portfolio page contains projects filtered by any view, like open projects or closed projects. Important metrics like project cost and hour status are clearly highlighted.


Let users decide the preferred way to view projects, by Gantt view or in a calendar view.

Projects - Gantt

From the project detail page, end users have a 360 degree view about a specific project. By pressing a button, end users can mass select contacts and organizations linked with the project.

Project Details

Many scenarios are possible to track project hours and costs. In this example, end users will track hours spent on projects by activity. Project hours are displayed in the project detail page.

to track project hours and costs

Simply drag and drop documents in the attachment zone to link them with the project. Document properties are automatically updated.

drag and drop documents

If needed, projects can be divided into many project steps. Project risks can be assessed periodically, using our powerful risk scorecard component.

many project steps

Track any interaction with projects in one single page, like tasks, emails, meetings, milestones, etc. Using the powerful embedded emailing system, end-users can send mass emails to the project members. Emails can be added from Microsoft Outlook and appended to the related project, including attachments.

 Emails can be added from Microsoft Outlook

Easily produce formatted project or meeting reports in the browser. In one click users can select one or many items and prepare formatted letters or documents merging data from many related lists.

project or meeting reports in the browser

BPA provides many tools to prepare advanced multi-list reports or display interactive graphical charts. Exporting data to excel is a snap. End users can rapidly build powerful pivot charts, including cost reports associated with projects and activities.

advanced multi-list reports

BPA’s mobile solutions for iOS and Android allows accessing or editing projects anytime and anywhere keeping the context, even offline.

BPA’s mobile solutions for iOS and Android


Have a central place to track projects, better track project costs and hours, reduce administration work to manage projects, track all interactions and documents with projects, 100% configurable to be adapted to any project methodology.

Project Management Solution

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