Self-Service & Help Desk Solution

This is an example of a professional help desk solution built using our components with no development needed.

Providing excellent services to your customers, stakeholders, members, partners, etc. will make them happy for the long term. A self-service portal allows interacting with your communities 24X7, delivering rapid answers and increasing satisfaction.

BPA provides a fully configurable, self-service solution adapted to any industry sector, including public administrations (e-government), private companies or nonprofits.

From the anonymous home page, community users can request an access to the portal. An automatic email alert is sent to the internal support team. After validation, the access is delivered or not, credentials are automatically sent to the requester.

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Connected community users can access secured content, including help desk, documentation, FAQs or any other shared content. The content is displayed based on user’s permissions. Community users and internal collaborators do not see the same content.

For citizen or members, the self-service allows community users to update their contact information and preferences, registering events and submitting various request.

Two possible scenarios exist: having one single portal for external community + internal support team or having two different environments for the front office and back office processes. BPA support both approaches.

BPA Community

In this example, we will open the help desk solution. The connected community user can track personal or company-related requests (open or closed). Each request as a unique ticket number.

your requests

When adding a request, the community user can select among many request options.

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Each request form is different. The BPA form generator helps to create forms (including css and JavaScript) with no coding required.

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When a new request is made, the internal support team is automatically alerted. Attribution rules can be defined for back office processes.

The request detail page contains all information regarding the community user’s demand, including attachments. Buttons allows the internal support team to handle the request. Support hours can be declared by the system.

The request detail

Any discussion between the community user and the internal support team is tracked by the system, until the request is solved. Even internal discussion can be made, that are invisible for the community user.

Key metrics can be measured including the support team reactivity and sensitive contacts and organizations.


  • Having a front office solution for managing interactions with your communities
  • 100% flexible to adapt to your organization’s unique needs
  • Reducing the administration work to handle requests
  • Reducing the time to answer requests
  • Improving community users satisfaction
  • Improving organization’s image and reputation
  • Less amortization time and highest ROI

This is an example of a professional help desk solution built using our components with no development needed.

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