Stakeholder Relationship Management Solution

This is an example of a professional stakeholder relationship management solution built using our components with no development needed.

This use case scenario applies for the following scenarios:

  • A public administration wants to manage relations with internal services, external stakeholders, persons and meetings
  • An association/non-profit organization wants to manage members with their roles in different commissions and meetings with members
  • A company wants to manage relations with board members and board meetings

The navigation bar contains all important topics to track organizations/services/stakeholders, persons, commissions and meetings.

efficient management of organizations, persons

From a specific commission, end users can mass select persons to be linked with the commission. The selector allows searching for contacts by name, organization, etc.


The related persons with a specific commission are tracked in the commission detail page, the same for commission specific meetings. From a specific commission, end users can simply send a personalized mass email to each person or generate formatted letters by pressing a button.

specific commission

The system gives a 360 degree view about a person, like related commissions and roles, submitted requests (from the self-service portal), related projects and activities (emails, tasks, meeting, etc.).

contact overview

After having added a new meeting in the system, the meeting organizer can simply enter agenda topic on the meeting page. Optionally, agenda topics can be validated by responsible persons

agenda topic on the meeting page

The meeting organizer can simply select the invites for this meeting, based on their roles, commissions within the organization. A person can be associated with many commissions and different roles. Invited persons will be added in the meeting page.

the invites for this meeting

Prior inviting participants, the organizer can import necessary documents by a simple drag and drop. Now that the agenda is complete, a formatted word meeting agenda can be generated in a mouse click.

meeting agenda -general information

The meeting organizer can invite participants without leaving the meeting page. In one click, a preformatted email is loaded and recipients are preselected. The meeting agenda can be appended. Each invitee gets a personalized invitation email including a link to the meeting page.

board meeting

The meeting organizer can update the participant’s presence status directly from the meeting page.
During the meeting, agenda items are completed with a description. Decisions are added and assigned to the selected responsible persons with a due date. Email alerts are automatically sent to the responsible persons.

Email alerts -meeting

Pending agenda topics or decisions from previous category-related meetings will be automatically aggregated in the meeting page. You can be confident that the topics will not be forgotten.

event details - meeting

As the meeting has ended, the organizer can publish a formatted meeting report including all decisions made. Again, the meeting report can be sent to all participants from the meeting page.
From the dashboard, all important meeting indicators are tracked in real time.

meeting report

The powerful report builder allows extracting any data from the system. This report contains all pending decisions with the related responsible person, meeting, division or project.

raport - open decisions

Stakeholder Relationship Management Solution


No more administration work is necessary to prepare meeting agendas or reports, the meeting invitation process is significantly improved through a central relational database for person, commission and role, spreadsheets are not necessary to track meeting decisions, reduce the meeting process complexity by having one central system for meeting preparation, execution and follow-up, decrease time and cost by follow-up through automatic work distribution, track each meeting decision, increase meeting productivity.

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