30+ Web Parts to Boost User Productivity

No-Code Solution Builder

Build Professional Solutions in Hours

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30+ Web Parts to Boost User Productivity

Build Professional Business Solutions in Hours

You know that SharePoint developers face many problems that can set back the budget or timeline of your project, whether using coded or configured solutions. Developing with SharePoint is complex, requiring competencies in many languages and technologies. In-house projects are typically hard-coded, without much room for flexibility as business needs change. They can also be difficult to maintain in the long run if application-building isn’t a core strength of your business. What’s the answer?

With BPA Solution Builder, you avoid costly development projects with an uncertain deployment schedule. BPA helps you transforming your existing SharePoint sites into professional business solutions in hours. Our products are designed to give the control back to line-of-business managers and to continuously adapt solutions to their needs.

BPA provides a wide range of plug and play web parts that solve common SharePoint development problems and simplify the SharePoint user experience as a whole. What can you do with BPA Solution Builder?

  • Improve UI with tabs and navigation.
  • Add data with intuitive forms.
  • Search large amounts of list data.
  • Sort and view list data in multiple ways.
  • Display related data in a single-page view.
  • Intelligent Typing (look ahead) for field validation.

  • Connect with databases, web sites or other systems.
  • Create many-to-many relationship between list items.
  • Build customized reports, including related data across SharePoint lists.
  • Improve user productivity with email, mail merge and other tools.

BPA offers you a plug and play, no code solution to SharePoint development issues, giving you more flexibility, lower costs and a superior ROI.

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