Audit Management Solution

In this use case scenario, a company applies many different quality standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CMMI, OHSAS 18001 and additional internal auditing systems.

In this specific case, audits are grouped in audit campaigns and yearly programs. The audit calendar segments upcoming audits in a monthly, weekly or daily calendar view.

export to Excel

With BPA we have a central location assembling all audit questions by standard, chapter, paragraph and subparagraph.

all audit questions

Based on the audit scope, it’s easy to search and select questions from the central library for the selected standard, chapter, paragraph or subparagraph. In this case we will select questions for auditing the ISO 9001 paragraph 7.3 for product design and development.

search and select questions

By pressing a button, the auditor can generate a formatted audit check-list, ready to be printed. The audit can begin.


Answers can be manually written in the audit check list or electronically entered in the system.
Using our mobile apps, auditors can easily set questions as standards, compliant, even while offline. They can even take photos to be added to the system.

mobile apps - audit

The audit detail page provides a 360° view about your audit and the related questions with compliance status, related non-conformities including CAPA actions, the potential detected risks integrating the related tasks, emails and documents.

The audit detail page

After the audit has been completed, a formatted audit report is automatically generated by selecting a report. The audit report contains all questions and answers, related non-conformances and CAPA actions. The report can be sent per email directly from the tool.

audit report

In case non-conformances are detected, responsible persons for the action plan are automatically alerted by the system using configurable workflow rules.
From the audit page, users can easily search the current or completed audit database. Users can be automatically alerted as new audits are added. Users can export data instantly in a spreadsheet and build powerful pivot charts.

quality & risk - audits

Using our powerful reporting system, insure that audits have covered all chapters and questions for any standard for a specific period.

reporting system -audits

The dashboard informs you about other important metrics.

dashboard informs audit


No more paper or spreadsheets are necessary, plan and inform users with a shared audit calendar, reduce time to prepare audits with a central audit question library, reduce administration work and cost to generate audit check-lists and audit reports, save significant time preparing audit statistics, improve audit compliance thru improved reporting, reduce the audit process lifecycle through automatic workflow rules to handle audit non-conformances & CAPA, be compliant with any standard or regulation.

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