Compliance Document Management Solution

With BPA, existing compliance documents can be mass imported in the software by a simple drag and drop. Document properties, like the related quality process or sub process will be automatically updated.

compliance documents

The process map is a simple way to give document access to end-users. This page can be easily modified to display your own processes.

Strategic Planning

By clicking a process, the related compliance documents will display. In this example, we clicked the value added process. Documents can be retrieved easily by searching properties or using the powerful full-text search engine.

quality processes

In the same page, end-users can further drill down to view documents by quality sub process. The system will dynamically display the related sub processes and documents without manual work.

quality subprocesses

From the all document page, users can display or filter documents using prepared views. Unlimited ways are possible to categorize or group documents, e.g. by process, service, type of document, validation status, etc. In this example, documents are grouped by quality process. Clicking a document as a favorite will place it in your home page.

quality proces improvement, value added

SharePoint is a very powerful document management software, fully integrated with Microsoft Office. Document actions are accessible in a mouse click, like editing, viewing the version history, publishing a major version, etc.

sharepoint - document management software

Using our mobile solutions, end users can access documents easily, even offline. In this example, documents are filtered by quality process (value added).

mobile solutions

Many scenarios are possible for compliance document approval and archival. The simplest scenario allows managing draft and major versions. End-users would see major versions only. In this example, we designed a 3 step approval/archival workflow with a graphical workflow add-on.

scenarios workflow

The concerned approvers, distributors, validators will be automatically alerted when a document is waiting for their approval. Approval tasks are visible from the home page.

pending workflow tasks

Electronic signatures can be added to documents using an external add-on. In this example, from the document preview, a preformatted or new signature can easily be added.

Electronic signatures

In the document detail page, we have complete document tracking information, like document links or relations, document notes and activities.

document details

In the background, document permissions are automatically set, based on predefined rules.


Reduce time to access documents, access documents anytime and anywhere, reduce administration time and cost to approve documents through automatic workflows, have a complete document version history, be compliant with regulations and standards for electronic document management systems.

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