Incident Management Solution

In this use case scenario, a company uses many different forms to report incidents. The company has 4 different forms for safety, environmental, security or other incidents.

report incidents

When reporting a security incident, the specific form opens. Data is grouped in different collapsible sections and tabs for easy form filling.

reporting a security incident

From the incident detail page, you have complete information about incident details and qualification.

safety incident

When an incident happens, many consequences are possible. In this case, people can get injured, material or aircraft can be damaged. End users can simply select a tab to open the incident qualification form. Based on the incident severity, escalation rules will automatically alert the responsible persons.

incident qualification

We simplify the investigation by identifying responsible persons to select the adequate root causes from the root cause library and the associated estimated costs.


The incident detail page incorporates all information related to the incident in one single location, including the action plan with the related CAPA actions, root causes, insurance risks, emails and documents.

insurance risks

The group insurance manager was alerted to evaluate the insurance risk and the decision was taken to identify the incident.


From the page of all incidents, users can instantly search the incident database by typing a few letters in any column.

quality & risk decidents

The Dashboard will let users know about all important metrics and KPIs.



Paper or spreadsheets are not necessary, reduce time and cost to handle incidents with automatic notifications, reminders and workflows, increase collaborators security and satisfaction through an optimized incident process, save significant time in preparing incident statistics, improve reputation and image with increased transparency, be compliant with any standard or regulation.

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