Enterprise Risk Management Solution

With BPA, we use proactive methods to detect risks while auditing a process.

In this use case scenario, we have detected a new risk related to drilling machines which has no security system in place.

preparing an audit

Once the risk has been identified in the system, the workflow will automatically alert an action plan to a responsible person.

action plan - audit

Actions have been identified to install a new security system for drilling machines and new controls have been planned to periodically check the new security system.


This risk has been prioritized. Periodically, the risk is assessed based on the probability of occurrence and potential impact, using a visual scorecard.

risk assessment

The cost impact was calculated by the system using a simple and configurable formula. The system estimates that the cost impact is higher than the cost of implementing the security system.

risk details

The heat chart (impact by probability) identifies any high value risk for the latest period.

The heat chart  identifies  risk

A new compliance document has been introduced, including instructions to operate drilling machines.

compliance document

In addition, the system allows users to create incidents identified with their related risks.

The system will instantly alert the responsible person when a critical risk occurs. You can run prebuilt queries to instantly identify neglected or critical risks. Users can build instant pivot charts with Excel, using the native integration features. In one click, users can produce formatted risk reports with Microsoft Word, ready to be sent email, directly from the tool.

alert  a critical risk occurs


No more spreadsheets are necessary, risks are identified, security for collaborators increases, costs are lowered through increased process optimization, collaborator and customer satisfaction improves with secure processes, the company reputation and image is improved through higher transparency and security, regulation compliance and insurance costs are decreased.

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