BPA SharePoint Calendar

BPA SharePoint calendar allows you to aggregate many lists into one single calendar. Specific colors can be attributed based on lists or fields.

Super users can select any SharePoint list to be visible in the calendar view. Other parameters allows defining period types (day, week, month) with a default period, setting the calendar size and specifying the detail view to display in the call-out menu. The calendar view can be displayed in a BPA tab. Super users can configure and share calendar configurations within minutes, without additional coding.

The standard SharePoint calendar requires a full page to be displayed. With BPA tabs, the calendar view will be displayed together with contextual data, charts or KPIs within a single page. This is a significant advantage for end users.

BPA SharePoint calendar provides great benefits for end-users:

  • displaying a calendar view together with contextual data in one single page
  • highlighting calendar items with different colors
  • having full detail information visible in an accessible menu
  • opening the related event detail page from the accessible menu
  • elegant user interface

Grouping calendar views and contextual data in a single page radically improves user’s experience with SharePoint.

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