BPA SharePoint Charts

BPA Charts allows SharePoint data to be displayed in 15+ types of interactive charts, including gauge, pie, line, radar, funnel or heat charts.

Super users can prepare chart configurations within minutes, with no coding necessary. Charts can be displayed in any page using BPA tabs. Calculations such as counting, summing and averaging are possible. Data can be grouped by week, month, quarter or year.

Main chart parameters are:

  • SharePoint list and view
  • fields for axis X and Y
  • drill down configuration
  • chart type and size

For end users, benefits are numerous:

  • viewing charts with contextual data in a single page
  • switching chart type using the access menu
  • drilling down within any chart to view related data
  • zooming or refreshing data
  • elegant user interface

BPA charts allows considerably improving user’s experience with SharePoint.

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