Connect Microsoft Office with SharePoint – BPA Office Connector

SharePoint does not provide the ability to copy Outlook content in SharePoint and store context, including copying multiple emails and linking them with a project, or adding an Outlook meeting and linking it with an opportunity.

BPA provides a powerful and configurable Office connector for SharePoint & SharePoint online with Office 365.

Outlook content will be added to the defined SharePoint lists and libraries. Email content will be added as searchable text (plus msg file optionally).

Super users can prepare and share configurations for all users. Each configuration is related to a SharePoint site. Many configurations can be used at the same time, to connect with different sites. For each SharePoint site, super users can define the different lists to store Outlook content (emails, calendar events, tasks and contacts). SharePoint fields can be automatically prefilled with default values. Cascading rules can be defined for lookup fields. Email attachments can be copied in any SharePoint library. To keep performance high, the tool will periodically synchronize SharePoint content locally.

For end users, the experience is just great. From any Outlook item, end users can select a button to copy the content into SharePoint. Optionally, end users can update SharePoint properties directly from the Outlook interface. Mass importing Outlook emails, contacts, tasks and events is also possible.

For end users, BPA Office Connector offers significant benefits:

  • quickly add Outlook content in SharePoint
  • the context is automatically updated
  • update SharePoint properties (optionally)
  • clear and user friendly interface
  • quick response time

BPA Office Connector is a key component to track daily interactions with SharePoint, strengthen collaboration and significantly improve user experience with SharePoint.

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