Connect SharePoint with a Website – BPA Web Connector

With BPA Web connector, super users can easily connect SharePoint with a website.

The connector assists in generating professional forms which are to be added in any website (not necessarily a SharePoint site). When submitting the form, data will be automatically shared in the specified SharePoint lists.

No development is needed. BPA generates the necessary HTML + CSS + JavaScript code to be added in the website. If required, admins can further edit the generated code and customize forms look, feel and behavior.

The web connector is a crucial piece in any self-service, help desk or e-government project. A single form can share data  with front-office and back office sites. The tool can be used to quickly generate a contact or request web form to be linked with any SharePoint list.

A wizard guides super users in preparing the form. The main steps are defining authentication profiles; selecting SharePoint lists and fields to connect with; managing email alerts. For each field, additional parameters allow identifying a field as required, hidden or read-only. Attachments can be appended to forms.

Configurable email alerts are automatically sent to the requester and back office users.

Together with other BPA tools, the web connector provides a powerful lead capturing & nurturing or customer support solution.

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