BPA SharePoint Email – Get or send emails in/with SharePoint

BPA SharePoint Email allows end-users to send one or many emails directly from the SharePoint interface.

End users can select one or many recipients with extensive flexibility, including contacts related to an opportunity. Users can send up to 250 emails at one time, in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act. Each recipient will receive a personalized and formatted email, including personal salutations or any other merge field. The email open rate tracking allows users to prioritize follow-up calls.

Super users can prepare formatted email templates easily. Sharing email templates with end users ensures current and consistent information will be sent to recipients every time.

Many other options are available:

  • adding signatures
  • selecting attachments
  • previewing emails
  • sending a test email
  • tracking email open rate
  • logging sent emails in email history
  • generating a marketing campaign

For end users, sending emails from SharePoint provides huge benefits:

  • selecting recipients with huge flexibility
  • choosing email templates from a shared library
  • sending personalized mass emails to recipients using merge fields
  • tracking email open rate and prioritizing follow-up actions

BPA offers other tools for email management with SharePoint. The Office connector allows copying emails and attachments with contextual data in SharePoint. The Exchange connector automatically suggests contacts to be added in SharePoint and collects all emails related with the selected contacts.

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