BPA Exchange Connector

BPA Exchange connector is a server tool working with Microsoft Exchange 2010 and later or Exchange online with Office 365.

The main objective of the connector is to share Exchange content in SharePoint for the registered users. The tool will automatically suggest contacts to be added to SharePoint. Once a contact has been added, the connector will automatically copy incoming and outgoing emails with this contact.

The admin tool is highly configurable. Among parameters, administrators can define SharePoint sites to connect with, users to invite, the scanning period for contacts and emails, allowed attachment formats, identify recipients to avoid and others.

The Exchange connector is very straightforward for end users. End users are invited to connect to the system. Once connected, suggested contacts will be proposed by selecting a button. The prefilled contact form appears, ready to be updated and saved. Contacts can be skipped and will not be proposed again. Contact-related emails will be automatically copied with no end user manipulation necessary, given any device (desktop, mobile devices).

Among end user benefits:

  • no forgotten contacts excluded from the database
  • track all emails associated with contacts given any device
  • easy to use with few manipulations

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