BPA SharePoint Forms

BPA SharePoint forms considerably improve user’s experience when editing data with SharePoint.

Super users can prepare form configurations in minutes using our drag and drop editor. Form fields can be added in tabs and collapsible sections, improving the user interface. Many form configurations can be prepared with different fields, tabs and sections. A specific form configuration can be linked with specific conditions, making BPA a very powerful form solution for workflows.

An additional module allows managing cascading lookup fields. When selecting a parent item (e.g an organization), items will automatically be filtered in the child lookup fields (e.g related contacts for the selected organization).

Using BPA Data Viewer, super users can add selection buttons including all necessary parameters to prefill forms, considerably helping end users entering consistent data in SharePoint. When adding an address, the system provides automatic zip, city and phone prefix selection.

The duplicate check feature prevents end users entering duplicates in the database, based on configurable rules. Super users can prepare column permission rules, making it possible to hide certain fields to certain users or groups.

For end users, BPA forms brings tremendous benefits:

  • the right form automatically opens based on conditions
  • forms are prefilled with all needed data
  • automatic country, city, zip selection
  • cascading lookups helps adding consistent data
  • forms are understandable using tabs and collapsible sections
  • elegant end user interface

BPA forms is a significant piece for improving end user’s experience with SharePoint.

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