BPA SharePoint Import

BPA Import for SharePoint is a tool dedicated to end users for mass importing data in SharePoint. Data import with SharePoint is restricted to administrators and limited to 100 items in one single list.

A friendly wizard guides end-users to import data into the desired SharePoint lists. Data will be imported from a csv file in the selected main list and an optional parent list (e.g. contacts with related organizations). Delimiter and encoding format can be selected. A data sample overview makes it easy for end-users to confirm import parameters. The tool automatically proposes the right field mapping between csv and SharePoint, when column labels are identical. Custom values can be imported. Unique constraints can be set on any column to avoid importing duplicates. Import configurations can be saved.

The tool allows end-users import up to 1,000 items at once. Benefits for end users are numerous.

  • no need to be an admin to import data
  • import up to 1,000 items at once
  • easy import wizard
  • avoid importing duplicates
  • field mapping

BPA data import gives end users the ability to import data in SharePoint and increase user’s experience.

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