BPA SharePoint Navigation

BPA replaces the standard SharePoint navigation bar with colored navigation selection button.

Super users can activate the BPA navigation easily from the SharePoint master page. This way, the user-friendly navigation will be visible on each page for a specific SharePoint site. BPA navigation can be activated for any existing SharePoint site or when creating a new site.

When adding a new navigation link, super users can select a color and an icon from the icon library. Uploading your own icons is also possible.

Navigation links can be grouped by topics in collapsible headers, making it comprehensible for end- users to navigate in area-related pages.

3 navigation styles include text with icons, icons only or text only. End users can configure their own navigation. Super users can configure the overall navigation. Configuring navigation links and headers is very easy using our drag and drop editor.

For end users, BPA navigation brings huge benefits:

  • elegant navigation with colored selections
  • navigation links are grouped by topics
  • navigation is configurable by end-users

BPA SharePoint navigation increases user’s experience with SharePoint and gives your site a modern look and feel.

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