BPA SharePoint Query

SharePoint does not provide tools for building efficient reports. BPA Query is a powerful report building tool dedicated to end users.

With BPA Query, super users can query SharePoint lists and cross-list reports, without leaving the SharePoint interface. IT is not required to extract data from the SharePoint database.

For each query, BPA combines data from many related lists into one single SharePoint list.

The tool is fully transparent for end users to access and view query reports including any other SharePoint data. Queries can be displayed in a data grid (BPA Data Viewer) or a graphical chart. End users can refresh data by pressing a button. A job scheduler can refresh data automatically. Report data can be exported to Excel, like any SharePoint data.

A user-friendly wizard helps super users producing powerful shared reports. Super users can simply select fields to be extracted from the main list and any parent list. Optionally, calculations can be done on child lists, including counting, summing or averaging items. Based on the selected fields, Boolean filters (conditions) can be added. The filter view allows defining filter orders and Boolean operators by a simple drag and drop. When running a query, results are saved in a shared query report.

For end-users, BPA Query brings great benefits

  • extract any data from SharePoint without IT staff
  • user-friendly wizard to help users during the query process
  • produce powerful shared reports
  • refresh & export data to a spreadsheet
  • display data in a grid or graphical chart

BPA Query drastically leverages end user’s experience with SharePoint.

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