BPA SharePoint Tabs

BPA SharePoint Tabs optimize page space by displaying data, charts, KPIs, calendars, etc. in tab format.

Super users can add as many tabs as necessary in any SharePoint web part page. Using BPA tabs, super users can group topic-related information (data, charts, etc.) in a single tab or page. Tab borders will clearly differentiate content on pages. A useful option allows expanding or collapsing tabs, avoiding scrolling down pages.

Tab colors will be automatically attributed to the selected SharePoint theme. Super users can define different tab colors, depending on lists.

For end users, benefits are numerous:

  • topic-related data is grouped in a single tab or page
  • avoid navigating within various pages to find related content
  • collapsible tabs allow optimally viewing content with no scrolling down pages
  • tab colors visibly identify specific content
  • tab borders clearly separate content
  • elegant and modern user interface

Super users can optimally organize content in SharePoint using BPA tabs. Grouping topic-related data in tabs drastically improve user’s experience.

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