BPA Data Viewer & SharePoint User Interface (UI)

BPA Data Viewers and Tabs drastically improve user’s experience giving your existing site a clean and beautiful user interface (UI).

With BPA Data Viewers, track any relation or activity linked with a specific item (e.g. contact, project, opportunity, incident, etc.) on one single page. Any item-related data is automatically gathered from other lists. Emails and calendar events can be automatically retrieved from Microsoft Office and Exchange. Configurable selection buttons allow end users the ability to add cross-list data from one single page. More than 20 configurable selection buttons can be added to data viewers. Super users can create their own selection buttons. Creating a data viewer configuration requires less than 2 minutes for a super user and no code is necessary.

For end users, data viewers bring huge benefits:

  • grouping cross-list data on one single page
  • easy searching by typing free text
  • mass importing documents by drag and drop, with automatic document properties update
  • creating follow-up tasks in one click
  • selecting an item as a favorite
  • clean and beautiful user interface
  • many other benefits

Data viewers transform your existing SharePoint sites into professional business applications in hours. Retain users with an attractive interface, plus unique features that take advantage of tabs and data viewers.

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