One Extendable Platform for Assembling your Own Solutions

The BPA eXtended Relationship Management (xRM) platform complements the robust SharePoint framework with powerful features driving business efficiency and improving the user experience.

The BPA xRM platform includes our Web Part bundles containing 30+ enterprise components and features. You can configure any BPA solution to your needs with no development. You can also create your own solutions by assembling SharePoint functionality and BPA components to meet your requirements. Be productive instantly and drastically lower implementation costs and risks by using the BPA xRM platform.

Examples of solutions
configured by customers

BPA xRM bridges the gap between SharePoint and the need for solutions delivered to business users.

BPA xRM is turning SharePoint into the solution platform your business users will love!

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Turn your spreadsheets
into real solutions

We know we could start with a limited scope and then make the tool evolve because BPA xRM (renamed Fast Track) is very easy to adapt to our processes by our internal staff and with little or no development.