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One Vendor, One Platform, Many Solutions

BPA’s xRM platform drives everything in all BPA solutions, including CRM. The benefits are huge! When you have one platform driving multiple applications, your administrators can use their BPA expertise to quickly get it configured to support all of your business needs. Quality, Risk, Recruiting and CRM – everything an organization needs, all from one vendor, on one platform – problem solved!

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Best Practices for Managing Quality Audits

Quality audit assessments are a necessary component of business process management. Managing the audit process can be a painful and time-consuming process. There are so many pieces to manage, from identifying non-conformities to tracking corrective actions and more. The audit process is complex and dynamic, and a flat spreadsheet is no longer sufficient to manage the process. Adopting a quality audit management tool will take the sting out of the audit process and complete the task smoothly and efficiently. A quality tool like BPA Quality for SharePoint will:

  • Identify and monitor all non-conformities in one shared space
  • Quickly transmit information to the right parties for corrective action
  • Communicate fixes as they occur
  • Streamline and shorten the audit process

Join our webinar tomorrow, January 29, to see how BPA’s Quality Management tool can optimize your audit processes.

BPA Announces New Technology Blog: Tips from Townsend

It takes an expert to know all the shortcuts and best-kept secrets of a truly powerful software tool. We’re sharing our expert with you! Each month, our own in-house guru, Kevin Townsend, will reveal a new tip that will help you make better use of the powerful features of your BPA solutions. This month, Kevin tells you about the BPA Reminder Tool, a feature which allows you to plan and automate your interactions with each and every customer, so that you never forget to make that call.

Read the first Tip from Townsend

Announcing the Winner of our SharePoint European Conference COMPLIMENTARY PASS!

Congratulations to Katherine Farmer! She is the winner of a COMPLIMENTARY three-day delegate pass to the European SharePoint Conference in Barcelona, Spain. This pass gives her full access to over 1,000 SharePoint experts in one place. BPA Solutions will be there in force; we invite you to visit our booth and see our powerful suite of tools in action.

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January 29, 2014 – 12:00 pm EST;
Join us for a WEBINAR – Quality Management Systems Overview for SharePoint 2013

March 3-6 2014; SharePoint Conference 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada

May 5-8 2014; European SharePoint Conference 2014 Barcelona, Spain

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