What does empathy have to do with your CRM strategy? Find out why empathy and emotional experience are at the heart of designing great CRM.
April 2014
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Why Empathy Matters to Your Bottom Line, and How CRM Can Close the Gap

Empathy is a buzzword now when it comes to CRM thought. Why? Empathy is about emotions, and great CRM takes the customer’s emotional experience into account. But in the rush to adopt new tech, does your CRM solution help or hurt that relationship-building process? Read more at our blog.

read more at our blog

BPA Recruiting for SharePoint Lets You Treat Potential New Hires Like Customers

BPA Recruiting for SharePoint provides complete candidate management by applying CRM principles to your recruiting efforts. What can it do for you?

  • Track daily interactions with internal or external candidates.

  • Generate letters or emails to applicants.

  • Integrate with the full MS Office Suite.

  • Easily view the related applications for a position.

  • Connect with LinkedIn.

And there’s much more. Register today for our webinar on April 23 at 12 pm EST, and see a demo of the most technologically advanced recruiting solution for SharePoint available today.

Meet Our New West Coast Director of Sales, and Visit Our Booth in Barcelona, Spain!

  • BPA has expanded its support for customers by adding a new West Coast Director of Sales, Morris Abell. He looks forward to helping you discover the benefits of BPA’s suite of products.

  • BPA will be in Barcelona, Spain for the European SharePoint Conference 2014 (May 5-8, 2014). It’s the largest European event covering Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, and related cloud-based and enterprise social technologies.

  • BPA CRM 365 is proud to be a finalist for the Best SharePoint App in the prestigious 2014 European SharePoint Community Awards. Awards will be presented in Barcelona on May 7.

View Our Videos

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Demo of Risk Management System for SharePoint

Demo of Quality Management for SharePoint


Join us for our Webinar — Learn About BPA Recruiting for SharePoint
April 23, 2014, 12:00 pm EST

May 5-8 2014: European SharePoint Conference 2014 Barcelona, Spain

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