This blog explores critical features of quality management systems, and explains why risk management belongs on the list.
August 2014
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7 Criteria Your Quality
Management System Must Meet

Blog: 7 Criteria Your Quality
Management System Must Meet

In less strategic times, “quality” used to refer to the characteristics of a product. Businesses have evolved to realize that every aspect of a process and product must deliver quality, to both internal and external customers. This broad focus requires an all-encompassing, high-performance Quality Management (QM) system. What are the most important features to look for when choosing this all-important business tool? You might be surprised to hear that Risk Management is on that list. Read our blog to discover 7 things your QM system must address.


Meet Our Newest Partner: SlvrLining

BPA Solutions is pleased to welcome our newest partner, SlvrLining. Based in the New York metro and Sacramento area, SlvrLining is a team of technology professionals with 30+ years of combined certified SharePoint development experience. They provide enterprise-level custom application development, SharePoint installation and configuration services, SharePoint upgrades or Office365 migrations, and lotus-notes-to-SharePoint migrations. SlvrLining’s clients receive the highest return on their technology investments by leveraging the depth of their knowledge and multi-industry expertise.

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