Want to rev up your SharePoint development cycle? Join us for our Webinar on BPA’s xRM Solution on September 25th
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September 2014
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September 25 Webinar: Accelerate Your SharePoint Development Cycle with BPA’s xRM Platform

xRM Platform You’ve know about SharePoint’s “no code” solutions. However, SharePoint developers face similar problems that can set back the budget or timeline of their project, whether using coded or configured solutions. The BPA xRM solution provides a wide range of web parts that solve these common problems, including:

  • Searching large amounts of list data.
  • Building customized reports, including related data across SharePoint lists.
  • Sorting and viewing list data in many ways.
  • Adding data to large lists in an intuitive form.
  • Creating many-to-many relationship between list items.
  • Intelligent Typing (look ahead) for field validation.
  • Displaying related data in a single-page view.
  • Emailing data directly from SharePoint.
  • Simplifying the SharePoint user experience as a whole.

Our webinar will provide an overview of the web parts BPA provides in its xRM platform. We will also present a live sample of an asset tracking application built using BPA’s tools as a foundation. Please join us on September 25th from 12:00pm-1:00pm EST.


Download Our White Paper: Building Your CRM On Top of SharePoint Maximizes Your ROI

Studies show that CRM systems are among the best technology investments you can make. Why? Low initial costs plus streamlined processes and an improved bottom line. But how can you stretch your ROI even further? What should you consider when selecting and developing a CRM system?

The answer: build your CRM solution on top of your existing SharePoint platform. By leveraging SharePoint, a powerful and widely used application, you can improve the speed and ease of implementing your new CRM system. Want to find out more? Download our new white paper, “3 Reasons Why a CRM Built on Top of SharePoint Maximizes ROI,” today.


Tips from Townsend Blog Post: Using the BPA Community Site

story 2For information, support, downloads, and more, the BPA Community Site is your one stop for your BPA application. Once you register an account with our Community site,

  • Get Started: Our Getting Started for Administrators guide, including instructions on activating licenses.
  • Documentation: Up-to-date documentation on settings and configuration explanations for each BPA xRM and WebPart/Component piece, along with examples.
  • Training: Future content, videos, and actual walkthroughs
  • Downloads: License files, plus access to download your application installer and any other software included with your purchase.
  • Find Answers: Our constantly updated Knowledge Base and FAQs.
  • HelpDesk: Log and track requests, and interact with our support team. Report bugs, license issues and system issues; request training and services; make a request for a new feature; and more.

Read our latest Tips from Townsend blog post today to get a complete tour of our BPA Community site. It’s all part of BPA Solutions’ commitment to quality and service.

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