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November 2014
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BPA CRM + Project 2015 = A Winning CRM Combination for SharePoint

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BPA CRM 2015 is an integrated solution for CRM and project management all in one. We’ve made tremendous enhancements to improve the user's experience and give managers all the tools they need for CRM and project management. New and improved features include:

  • An Intelligent Relationship Manager (IRM) tool
  • A new email tracking module
  • A new sales Dashboard
  • Integrated Project Management

Read our blog post today to learn more about our exciting new release and its new features. Or to take a complete tour, sign up for our webinar to see a live demonstration of our award winning software.

Please join us tomorrow, November 20th from 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT.


Lead Nurturing with SharePoint and BPA CRM

Here at BPA we’ve implemented a world-class lead nurturing campaign using our own technology combined with SharePoint—and achieved 90% savings at the same time. Our CRM allows you to easily set up a campaign of your own.

Want to learn more details about how BPA CRM and SharePoint deliver real world business solutions? Read our complete blog post on nurturing leads with SharePoint, part of a series. Find out how BPA can solve your CRM problems today.


Learn How ICM Developed a Competitive Market & Technology Intelligence System Based on BPA

ICM International, a leading independent European professional services network, provides integrated market and technology competitive intelligence that helps businesses make the right decisions. When they needed a structured and integrated competitive intelligence platform, ICM turned to BPA. The result: ICM’s Innovation Relationship Management platform, delivering cross-functional information in one single, structured interface, based on the BPA xRM platform. Learn more about ICM’s system at our blog now.

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BPA CRM & Project 2015

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