Now you can use BPA web parts on any existing SharePoint 2013 site and make your SharePoint experience truly unique.
March 2015
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Need a Quick Fix for your SharePoint Site? Learn How BPA Web Parts Can Help

According to a February article in CMS Wire by David Roe, about 2 out of 3 organizations report that their SharePoint projects have either stalled (26%) or failed to live up to their expectations (37%). At the same time, 75% of the enterprises that responded to the survey are sticking with SharePoint. This is where BPA steps in. Our recent blog post goes into detail about how to improve your SharePoint site.

Does this sound like you? Thinking about a fix for your SharePoint site but wonder where to start? BPA web parts bundles can be used on all SharePoint 2013 sites. They can help you transform your existing SharePoint sites into professional, attractive business solutions in a matter of hours.

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Join our March 25 Webinar on the 1 Day Business Solution Using BPA Web Parts

If you want to learn more details about using BPA web parts with your SharePoint site, here’s your chance. You’re invited to our upcoming webinar on March 25th at 12:00 p.m. EST / 9:00 a.m. PST. We’ll demonstrate how to take a standard SharePoint site and build a professional recruiting solution using BPA Web Part Bundles. See for yourself how easy it is to build a professional business solution in one day using an existing SharePoint site.

Register today for our webinar and learn how BPA web parts can bring your SharePoint site to the next level.


BPA Helps Marketing Emails Hit Your Target

Be sure to reach each and every recipient’s inbox when you send mass emails. BPA is tightly integrated with a powerful email marketing solution, giving you convenient access to the email tools you need. From the BPA interface you can:

  • Select your contacts with huge flexibility.

  • Create distribution lists.

  • Build formatted emails and newsletters using prebuilt email templates.

  • Preview your emails with major email systems and different screen resolutions.

  • Run antispam tests over the major spam filters.

  • Schedule and deliver your emails.

Want to see for yourself how BPA Solutions can take the guesswork out of email marketing? Sign up now to get a free test account with 1,000 email credits. (This offer expires March 31, 2015.)

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