Managing risks results in higher profits; mobile solutions give your enterprise much-needed mobility. Find out how BPA can help with both.
February 2015
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Risk Management with BPA Delivers a Better Bottom Line

Risk Management with BPA

Risks can’t be measured but they can be managed. It’s not an exact science, though. That may explain why many companies are reluctant to invest in a long-term risk management solution, but that kind of short-term thinking can hurt profits. A sound risk management solution can protect your company against the impact of a wide range of risks: financial, security, health or operational.

BPA has solutions that can help you identify and manage risks, leading to higher profits and a big return on your investment. For a primer on risk management, including a real-life example showing how our own company has developed risk management strategies, read our blog post on risk management.

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BPA Mobile Solutions Help You Stay Competitive

Your enterprise needs mobility to keep its competitive edge. We have been working over the past year bring you our award winning products with the mobility you need. We are proud to introduce the new BPA 2015 Mobile Solutions! Our mobile solutions are available now for iPad or iPhone and the Android version will be available Q1 of 2015. We will let you take the power of SharePoint mobile no matter where your business takes you. You can access any SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365 site from your device. Add items to lists and track relationships offline, then sync up when you’re back online. Take a tour of BPA Mobile Solutions, including screen shots and in-depth descriptions with our recent blog post on BPA Mobile Solutions and learn how you can harness the power of SharePoint with the convenience of mobile technology.

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Meet Our New Partner: Aristotle’s Alexander

Aristotle’s Alexander

Headquartered in Lafayette, LA, our new partner Aristotle’s Alexander has provided value-added consulting and technology solutions since 2008. When they needed to create a new vertical solution for the oil and gas industries, they chose to develop it within the BPA framework.

The result is their new energy-focused software platform Iliad, which provides an integrated on/offline solution to automate field ticketing, invoicing, asset management, and QHSE processes.

BPA’s innovative Quality and Risk products provided the flexibility and agility needed to create this new platform, enabling Aristotle’s Alexander to accelerate time to market and provide their customers with tangible ROI. Learn more about our new partnership at our blog today.

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