June 2015
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Save Time and Money! No-Code BPA Web Part Bundles Boost Your SharePoint Sites

You know that in-house SharePoint development projects are time-consuming and complex, requiring competency in many languages and technologies. Hard-coded solutions are also inflexible, making it difficult to change and adapt as your business needs change. Save the time and cost associated with SharePoint development projects by taking advantage of BPA web part bundles today.

BPA offers more than 30 web parts to address common challenges faced by developers and consultants:

  • Creating data with intuitive forms.

  • Improving UI with tabs and navigation.

  • Searching large amounts of list data.

  • Displaying related data in a single-page view.

  • Connecting with databases, web sites or other systems.

  • Simplifying the SharePoint user experience as a whole.

Accelerate SharePoint development, build powerful no-code solutions and transform your existing sites into professional business solutions within hours. BPA web parts will help you improve the SharePoint user interface, simplify the overall user experience and maximize user productivity.

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BPA’s Free 30-day Proof of Concept Offer: Submit Your Project by August 30!

BPA offers you a free 30-day proof of concept for your BPA-based business solution! Just send us your requirements and some information about your project. BPA will choose between three and ten eligible projects for a free 30-day POC to be performed in 2015.

To be eligible for a free 30 day POC, your project should:

  • Be planned for implementation during the next 18 months.

  • Have at least 20 estimated users.

  • Be submitted to BPA by August 30, 2015.

We look forward to seeing your projects!

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