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30+ Web Parts to Boost User Productivity

Build Professional Solutions in Hours

No-Code Solution Builder

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30+ Web Parts to Boost User Productivity

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Build Professional Business Solutions in Hours

Developing with SharePoint is costly, complex and time consuming. BPA has developed a no-code solution builder to address common problems faced by developers.

With BPA, functional people can build professional solutions in hours for any business process, like recruiting, asset, project or contract management. BPA Quality and CRM are typical solutions built with our solution builder.

Discover key capabilities through these use case examples.

BPA Solution Builder helps functional persons, business consultants or developers building attractive & cost effective solutions in a short timeframe, like transforming spreadsheets or databases into professional collaborative solutions.

Our solution builder contains 30+ components to drastically maximize user experience and productivity plus improve user interface.

Our products bridge the gap between IT and business. You get the shortest amortization time and highest return on investment.

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