July 2015
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Start Your Project With No Cost & No Risk – Time-limited Offer

Developing with SharePoint is complex, costly and time-consuming. Since 2001, BPA has developed 30+ web parts and components to meet common challenges faced by developers and consultants.

With BPA web parts, you will drastically improve the SharePoint user interface and user productivity. BPA web parts provide the core components for your development teams and takes away tedious programming needs.

BPA offers up to 3 days of free professional services to build a tailored Proof-of-Concept (POC) based on your needs. A POC presentation to your management team is included in this offer. Share the POC with your colleagues and test another 30 days with no obligation to purchase.

This is a time-limited offer to experience how BPA will transform your existing SharePoint sites into real business solutions in hours. Here are some POC-topic examples.

  • Risk management

  • Audit management

  • Incident management

  • Contact management

  • Activity management

  • Opportunity management

  • Meeting management

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Bring Relationship Management Back to SharePoint

“Back in the early 2000, we were looking for simple and cost effective solutions for our customers, mostly SMBs. BPA has worked as an integrator with many software editors, but never found an ideal solution. In 2005, we have decided to build our own solutions with SharePoint, because SharePoint was (still is) the only cost-effective (free) and flexible integrated platform in the market” said Dr. Boris Lutz, CEO at BPA Solutions.

“As a former consultant and business-oriented person, SharePoint makes real sense if it can solve business needs. One of the most pressing SharePoint challenges I run into on regular basis was: “How can I view all related information in a single page and track relations within the SharePoint user interface? This was never and easy task and required extra work and programming”, said Dr. Lutz.

For this reason we developed a tool called Data Viewer which is the core for any business solution running with SharePoint. With BPA Data Viewer you can track all related entities (like customer, project etc.) and daily interactions within a single page for any business topic. This drastically improves the end user experience and productivity with SharePoint.

We would encourage you to view our new discovery sites to learn how Data Viewer will revolutionize your existing SharePoint solutions.

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Free 30-day POC – Time-limited Offer


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