SharePoint Solutions For Problem Solving
July 2016
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Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis

The root cause analysis is a crucial step in typical problem solving processes. BPA helps you to deploy a workflow-driven collaborative problem solving process based on 8D, DMAIC or any other methodology.

Learn How to Deploy a Collaborative Root Cause Analysis System


Deploying a Collaborative Change Management Solution

Planning of changes refers to those changes that are part of everyday business, new programs, changing financial structures, end-of-life of a product and obsolescence of an equipment. All of these changes can affect the QMS.

Learn How to Deploy a Collaborative Change Management Process


BPA Solutions Enters Strategic Partnership with Proef IT

The Proef Group has grown due to the constant dynamic that sets itself in a continuous search for the engineering sector best practices. Proef’s DNA is reflected in competence requirement, creativity and the focus on continuous improvement. The Proef Group has concluded a technical partnership to reuse BPA components to develop their own vertical solutions with SharePoint technologies.

Achieve Customer Success in Becoming a BPA Partner


Six Sigma Project Management

Change management

Root Cause Analysis

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