Building an efficient skill matrix with Office 365/SharePoint
Oxford Pharmacy Store turns to BPA for customer complaint management
Building an Efficient Skill Matrix with Office 365/SharePoint

Innovative way to manage skills, competencies and produce an interactive skill matrix dashboard, using Power Automate for automation, Power BI for reporting and BPA Quality on SharePoint/Office 365.

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Oxford Pharmacy Store Turns to BPA for Customer Complaint Management

We don’t have the figures yet but we know BPA also helped us on a cost saving point of view : there is a significant amount of products that are no longer being thrown away because we are able to deal with the customer complaint swiftly.

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Microsoft Opens Datacenters in Switzerland

With the Swiss Office 365 cloud, our customers will soon benefit from innovative software solutions – Quality, GDPR, CRM – with the highest flexibility, including Swiss data residency and local performance.

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